The Fat Loss Factor

The Fat Loss Factor

An In Depth Review Of The Fat Loss Factor

Many people who struggle with weight issues often think that healthy weight loss is unachievable. However, this isn’t the case, and one excellent weight loss program happens to be Dr Charles Livingston’s revolutionary fat loss factor. That is not only achievable, but also gives ample room for its followers to customize it to suit their distinct needs.

Features of the fat loss factor

. A comprehensible fat loss factor beginner’s guide.
. An eBook that features in depth information related to the whole program
. A master cleanse video, offering a practical guide on how to cleanse and detoxify your body, and the benefits you can achieve by doing this.
. A hands-on exercise log book, and a weight loss guide that can assist in the monitoring and evaluation of the progress you make.
. A comprehensive workout guide that comes with workout videos that you can integrate into daily exercise regimen.
. A grocery eBook, which has lists the type of foods you ought to integrate into your new diet.

The fat loss factor program always commences with a mandatory 2 weeks initial phase, known as the master cleanse, before the actual weight loss regimen. That is geared to assist your body acclimatize to a new healthy way of living. It focuses on eliminating the accumulated toxins from the body, by changing your diet to organic and natural foods that significantly help in cleansing your body.

Afterwards you can commence on the weight loss schedule, which incorporates 5 principles in ensuring you get the desired results. And these include:

· The regimen starts with energetic cardio workout sessions, which are reputed for burning plenty of calories, such as treadmill sessions, aerobics, skipping or even cycling.

· The second principle focuses on strength training, which unlike the cardio sessions, not only burn calories just when working out, but also after the exercises. It is imperative to note that to burn sufficient calories; your body has to build more muscles, which get the energy they need from fats stored in the body.

· Entails continuing the master cleanse regimen, and particularly the dieting part of it by consuming more organic foods, vegetables, and fruits. As they contain lesser calories, which forces your body to burn the fat deposits. It also recommends eating smaller but frequent portions of food to enhance your metabolism.

· Focuses on eliminating stress, which makes losing weight tasking, as it slows down the body’s metabolism, whilst heightening your appetite. The fat loss factor package comprises on vital tips to get rid of both physical and emotional stress.

· Recommends keeping your body always hydrated, which significantly helps in toxin elimination, and enhancing your metabolism.

Benefits of the fat loss factor

This program utilizes proven weight loss techniques, which are rearranged to making losing weight easier. It also encourages a proper dieting, workout, and stress control lifestyle. Finally, it gives its followers the freedom to choose and customize exercise regimens depending on their distinct needs.

Cons of the fat loss factor

The fly in the ointment is that this program is only available online, and in eBook format, from its website or authorized distributors. However, you get a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it.


The fat loss factor is undoubtedly a good weight loss program that comprise of a lot of well organized information. Despite the fact that it necessitates time and effort, the techniques are simple to grasp.

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