Losing Weight – Naturally

Losing Weight – Naturally

As Co-Founder of The Tree of Health, one of the roles I have enjoyed over the past fifteen years has been to help clients and customers understand that it is absolutely not necessary to ‘diet’ in order to shed body fat and lose weight. Contrary to most of the information you might read about dieting, our approach to achieving a slimmer, fitter, healthier body is different.

One of the first goals I have to encourage my clients to do is to eat more. This is normally met with a variety of responses including shock, disbelief and fear. Yet, time and again our approach has proven to be effective not just in the short-term, but for the long-term.

Many individual’s experience of dieting includes calorie restriction and portion control, or more poor health choices such as high volume animal protein diets, or wacko unrealistic fads such as cabbage soup or slim shakes. Ultimately these plans work only for a short time before their longer term un-sustainability causes a return to ‘normal’ diets (which we call ‘diets of affluence’). Weight gain and poor health then returns.

We live by and promote eating plans that are far removed from fad diets. They achieve long-term health, wellness and weight loss. Our plans encourage clients and customers to move towards a more natural, toxic free eating plan where plant-based foods can be eaten in abundance, which then cause massive benefits to health, wellness and weight.

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If you have yo-yo dieted for years, and yet still struggle to shift body fat or achieve good health, perhaps it is time to consider a lifestyle change. The most beneficial change you can make is to accept that your body will reward you if you take care of it. Taking care of your body doesn’t just mean a regular haircut and trips to the beauty salon. It means adopting an awareness of everything you put in your mouth. Plant based foods will nourish, protect, cherish and renew your body. Animal proteins will not.

For the sake of your wellness and weight now and in the future, move to a lifestyle that includes a high volume of plant-based foods. You can eat abundantly, enjoy your food, feel satisfied by what you eat, and look gorgeous and feel sexy. What’s not to like about that?