Food Rocks At Epcot Center

Food Rocks At Epcot Center

Answers to all of your questions about nutrition.

One of the many excellent videos I have discovered recently on the topic of good nutrition.

Food Rocks was a show that was an AudioAnimatronics show in the The Land Pavilion teaching good nutrition through popular music. Some musicians parodied are- The Beach Boys, Queen, Sting and Ton-Loc. The Attraction was closed to make way for the cue line for the Soarin’ attraction in The Land. Hope this brings back some nostalgic memories for you.Video Rating: 5 / 5

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You gotta love the Peach Boys.

I saw this I think the year before it closed. I was ten and didn’t know most of the songs yet…it’s cool coming back to it now and actually getting the jokes!

Sting- I’ll Be Watching You

Those are the ones I recognized.

I thought I recognized Ton-Loc. Suddenly, the song “If I’m gonna eat somebody” never made more sense.

after leaving the theater there was always a snack stand.

@RalphInRalphWorld these animatronics worked better in this show, except for the round case thing in the refrigerator police

animatronic food shows at epcot were always the best =] only 2 tho, heck, all animatronic shows at epcot were and are the best! food rocks, kitchen kabaret, cranium command, and the great american adventure!

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