Building Immune System Power With cupuacu

Building Immune System Power With cupuacu

Can you really start building immune system power with chocolate?

Imagine a perfect world: peace and love reign supreme, junk mail disappears forever and chocolate is something your doctor advises you to eat every day. Many people would be happy just to experience the third scenario, and for the first time, it seems many of us can.

Researchers have found a plant in the Amazon rainforest, called the cupuacu tree (pronounced "coo-pwah-sooh"). On investigation, cupuacu turns out to be a member of the chocolate family, but one that produces enormous fruits, approximately the size of a melon. Inside is an exquisite, creamy flesh, prized among locals for its similarity to chocolate. The fame of the cupuacu is beginning to spread: nowadays, the fruit is used throughout Brazil to make delicious juices, jams and ice creams, while elsewhere in the region, enterprising cooks are using it to add a burst of flavour to culinary creations. Those who appreciate good food are cottoning on to its appeal and even its marketing potential.

But cupuacu is captivating the world for reasons other than its taste: traditionally, the plant has been a vital source of nutrition for the indigenous peoples of the region, who say it can be used as a medicinal tonic for helping a wide range of health problems and for building immune system strength. Researchers investigating the truth of these claims have found that cupuacu does indeed contain a rich variety of nutrients that are vital for building immune system capabilities and delivering a powerful boost to health.

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