Achieving Freedom Through Nourishment

Achieving Freedom Through Nourishment

Achieving Freedom through Nourishment & Motion

Are You Ready To Take Control?

& Motion explores the many myths and misconceptions that women of all ages have regarding eating right and starting an exercise program to reach an optimum level of health throughout their lives. Every woman has the right to be empowered with the correct knowledge before she can even start taking the rights steps to a better quality of life.

Every goal begins with a desire to want to change for the better. Remember that starting a life worth living is not about losing a few pounds here and there to fit the pair of jeans you wore in high school or to walk down the aisle on your wedding day.

It is NOT a means to an end. It is a continuous journey that you go through every day for the rest of your life. It is a lifestyle that you deserve to have, not one that is a burden to you and your loved ones.

Upon going through the material presented, readers will find, in simple terms:

  • The different types of foods required to stay healthy
  • Emotion reasons for eating
  • Nutritional needs for different stages in a woman’s life
  • The top 3 diseases that afflict women today
  • Fad diets that come and go
  • Samples of amazing eating plans
  • Delicious recipes of healthy meals
  • Misconception about food and exercise
  • Different exercises for each body part
  • Samples of a weekly workout plan
  • Many video and website references for inspiration

We are each unique and wonderful in our own “creation” and if we don’t respect our physical and mental self, then we are preparing ourselves for a life riddled with a host of diseases that overwhelmingly will decrease the quality of our lives.

What can you do? First, decide if you REALLY want to make a difference in your life. Then get the RIGHT information. There are so many myths out there regarding fitness and nutrition, sometimes it’s hard to separate the right from the wrong. Being empowered is receiving the right knowledge and having the power to make that change, a little at a time. There is no better time to take control of your life a today and NOW. I always say “Don’t wait to contemplate on a hospital bed”.

Remember, it is NEVER too late to start but better late than never, right?


Finally – a common sense approach to taking care of ourselves!

One of the major challenges we face in attempting to give ourselves the best care possible is that of information-overload. There is so much conflicting information regarding what could be referred to as “the perfect diet once and for all”, that one can start to lose sight of simple common sense. Nina Redza’s Achieving Freedom Through Nourishment and Motion assembles common sense basics into a well-organized format that is at once easy to read and easy to reference.

Nina reminds us of simple truths that most of us know that we already know – eating and exercise are natural activities that require far less attention and extremes than media hype would have us believe. I found it comforting, in much the same way a soft old blanket and cup of hot tea set the world right on a cold rainy day, and would recommend this book to anyone who might be feeling a little lost or overwhelmed for how to create a personal strategy to support their lifestyle.

Connie S.

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