2011  June  11  Healthy Girl Now!

2011 June 11 Healthy Girl Now!

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I’ve taken a little break from blogging, been working on getting better. Fortunately, I’m not depressed because I try to look for the positive in all experiences. Although this journey has been tougher than I expected, all is not lost. I started physical therapy over a week ago for my patellar tendon injury. Right after the surgery I did experience a lot of pain and moving around was a challenge. Then I began making progress walking with crutches and my knee brace, eventually walking without the crutches.

The real challenge began with the therapy. I had no idea that I would need to rebuild my leg muscles. After all the time I spent working my legs during Turbo Kick, Zumba, Hip Hop and hours of walking all gone. I did manage to keep the muscles that allow me to side kick or back kick.

However, the muscle in the front of my leg was gone. I literally could not lift my leg straight up and down. The doctor told me to work my way up to it, and I’m thinking no problem. Then I get home and I couldn’t do it! I’m looking at my leg like what happened??? I raised the other leg and I’m thinking ok, I know this shouldn’t be a thinking process but it was. I went to 2 therapy sessions before I could barely lift my leg straight up and I was exhausted after doing it a couple of times. Now I’m working on increasing the reps and doing leg exercises to build them up again. I have a ways to go, and bending the knee is extremely hard. It feels like an extremely short rubber band being stretched. Just this weekend I’m attempting to sit with my knee slightly bent.

Although this has been challenging, I’m thankful for my friends that are driving me to my appointments and visiting me as well as my online friends. In regards to my weight, I’m extremely happy that I have not been gaining weight. I always thought that without exercise I would immediately blow up.

Even though I can’t wait to get back to it, it is teaching me balance. That in the future, it won’t be the end of the world if I can’t get to a workout. I’m also thankful for all the hard work that I put into working out previously because it is giving me the strength to push hard during this recovery. So to everyone that can, keep at it, you never know when something can happen that take away your ability to do something. So don’t put it off, but work at it, it is always worth it.

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