Resistance Band Exercises For A Great Portable Workout

Resistance Band Exercises For A Great Portable Workout

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to make it to the gym each day, or having a fully-functional gym waiting at their home, or hotel room after a long day at the office, or about the road. Resistance band exercises can give you a portable way to add resistance to your training. They can be taken anywhere you go and also the quantity of workouts you’ll be able to do with them are just limited by creativity in most instances.


You’ll be able to exercise your legs, arms and entire core — all with basic rubber bands. In most cases, whenever you buy the bands, you do indeed acquire what you pay for in most cases. The lifespan of a good resistance band will depend about the amount of use you give them and that you simply stick to the storage directions given on the fitness product package.


The difference between totally free weight and resistance band workouts is in the dynamic tension offered. A resistance band will give you a continuous strain on your muscles throughout the entire range of motion, whereas totally free weight exercises could have a point where resistance ends due to the forces of gravity. That doesn’t mean that resistance band workouts are much better, but rather they provide a kind of resistance that free weights cannot.

Great For Toning

The real advantage that comes from resistance band exercises have a low level of resistance throughout the entire range of motion is toning your muscles. High repetition exercises not only build muscle endurance, but are also perfect for toning and sculpting your beauty muscles. The continuous resistance makes sure that no muscle fibers are spared, which tends to lead to stunning, toned muscles.


Resistance band training isn’t ideal for brute strength, but if you keep the pace up throughout your workouts: You produce an aerobic, muscle toning workout that can stick to you anyplace, which makes resistance bands great for travelers and house users alike.