Diamond Spine Fitness - The Fitness Club for Your Back

Diamond Spine Fitness - The Fitness Club for Your Back

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Who has Diamond Spine Fitness been designed for?

The Diamond Spine Fitness membership program has been designed for people like you, who instinctively know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Since there really is no known cure for back pain, the best medicine is prevention. A fitness club that has total focus on the back, unlimited access, and is fun, fast and affordable certainly makes sense. Diamond Spine Fitness clubs do not replace the need for medical care and do not offer medical services. They do, however, give you the opportunity to be in charge of a fitness program that will have significant benefits on your back.

Monthly membership enrollment available to individuals, couples and families of three or more persons. Day passes are available to the general public for daily use.

All services are available to both Day Pass Members and Monthly Members.

The Back Comfort Store, located in the reception area, carries a line of back products. Each product has been selected and reviewed for quality assurance and providing essential back care to our members.

The warm, relaxing fitness area offers unique equipment and machines designed for various areas of the back. A balanced combination of strengthening and stretching machines give our members many options to help reach their personal goals.

The soothing experience of stress reduction through massage is an enjoyable “bonus” people often reserve for special occasions. At Diamond Spine Fitness, the benefit of massage is an included amenity of both Day Pass and Monthly Membership.

Whether you prefer HydroMassage or Human Touch Technology (or both), your Diamond Spine Membership is all inclusive.

Diamond Spine Fitness Centers are open hours convenient for you. Since no appointment is necessary you can create a schedule that meets your needs. Through stretching, strengthening and massage, you can have continued spine fitness for a lifetime. Don’t wait – enroll today and make feeling good a part of your fitness future.

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