Blog — Healthy Roots Wellness

Blog — Healthy Roots Wellness

I initially pinned these flavored water recipes on Pinterest

for myself. I’ve never been much of a soda drinker, and I don’t usually

drink wine or cocktails all that often, but ever since becoming pregnant I have

wanted something fun and different to drink and yet I’m fairly limited in my

options. When others are enjoying their favorite summer drink, I want to treat

myself to something refreshing, too. So, I made a couple of these to try them

out. first two I tried were Pineapple Mint Water and

Blackberry Sage Water. Not only were they easy, fun, and festive, but my three

year old son thought it was really fun to make them with me. You can’t really screw up a flavored water recipe, so I let

him decide how much of the fruit and herbs to put in, and he was in charge of

squashing and stirring. Since then, he refers to these are our “fancy waters”. I’ve got unlimited healthy summer refreshment options, and

my son can have fun with water instead of wanting straight juice every day.

Welcome to my Healthy Roots blog.

My first blog post, literally. I am new to blogging, but

excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you. I hope you’ll comment,

share your experiences with me and the other readers, and suggest topics of

interest to cover in the future. Please feel encouraged to comment on the post

itself, or email me directly with any questions or suggestions. My intention for the Healthy Roots blog is to explore

more about what wellness means for us, and our families. Just like my approach to health and wellness, my blog posts

will likely cover a broad range of topics, and they will often come from a

family-based perspective. When we think about wellbeing, fitness and diet often

come to mind first, but let’s also spend some time thinking about what helps us

each, as individuals, to feel happy, safe, and fulfilled. You can expect a mixture of knowledge-based posts, personal

reflections, and humorous stories influenced by my own family and attempts at

wellness. I will share success and struggles I think we can all relate to. I

also hope to offer updates on what the research indicates as new findings and

best practices in the areas of health and wellness. We can all learn, strive, occasionally slip, and thrive

again – together. I hope you’ll stay

connected here for all the times you might need guidance, inspiration, support,

or a just a stress-reducing chuckle.

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