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1:24 After the third explosion in Fukushima plant has been a heightened degree of radioactive radiation in the south of Ibaraki Fukushimy – said the agency Kyodo on Tuesday.

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.), the plant management company, today announced that after the Fukushima explosion in reactor number 2 was evacuated workers from its use. The others workers only pumping sea water for cooling. Japan face radiation leak

The radiation level rise in the morning, local time from 1941 to 8217 hour – said TEPCO. The authorities say that only when the values ​​of a million cases microsieverts threatened on a massive scale.

0:36 The third explosion in the Fukushima nuclear power plant. As the agency Kyodo reported, citing the government, this time an explosion took place in reactor number two. Most likely, the hydrogen exploded again. Fukushima explosion damaged roof over a reactor.

TEPCO spokesman which operates the plant, said that after the outbreak of the pressure in the reactor unit drop, which may mean that the explosion damaged the inner chamber of the reactor pressure.

This is the third Fukushima Explosion on Saturday damaged by the earthquake power. Prior to the explosions occurred in the reactors number 1 and 3

0:25 U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Federal Research agency dedicated to the science of the Earth, confirmed the correct force on Friday to earthquake with strength 9 on the Richter scale (previously treated with 8.9). It is the fourth in history and the strongest earthquake in Japan since the days when their strength is measured.

23.55 Prime Minister Naoto Kan took over the reins of the staff, which has solved the current nuclear crisis. As he said, made up of staff representatives from government and company TEPCO, Fukushima plant management.

- The situation gives us cause for concern, but we undertake any action to overcome the crisis and that the damage was minimal – Kan said.

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Another explosion at a nuclear power plant and Japan death toll

March 14, 2011 By Editor Leave a Comment

The power Fukushima I – The authorities indicated that the chamber reactor No. 3 was not destroyed – We believe that the likelihood of leakage of large quantities of radioactive material is low – said convened government representative Yukio Edano at press conference. After the explosion, the Japanese Nikkei stock exchange recorded a 6-percent drop in share prices. An hour before the outbreak in Fukushima and the north-eastern Japan, was the earth shook with the strength 5.8 on the Richter scale.

7:41 Reuters reports that in reactor No. 2 in the Fukushima plant cooling system stopped working and the water level dropped.

7:35 The official reports Japan death toll is 1,647 people. 1720 people are missing. This balance probably will increase because the number does not include 2,000 bodies found in Miyagi, or 200-300 of bodies found in Sendai. It is anticipated that the total balance of victims could reach as much as 10 thousand people. Japan death toll constantly changes.

7:30 agency Kyodo reported that Japan confirmed the first death of a citizen of South Korea. The Chinese diplomats can not connect with 100 apprentices from the city of Ishinomaki Miyagi prefecture, however, confirmed that 6,957 Chinese citizens residing in Japan is ok and healthy.

6:51 Restrictions on electricity supply in eight prefectures and cities, including in parts of Tokyo. The savings in the current foreign exchange was suspended several regional trains, some runs on a shortened route. Electricity will be turned off at 3-hourly intervals.

6:17 automobile company, Toyota Motor Co.. said on Monday that because of the catastrophic earthquake will completely halt production in its Japanese factories until at least March 16. Toyota has already announced on Saturday that the production will stop on Monday.

4:41 – After the explosion in Fkushima nuclear power plant – Japan’s Nikkei stock exchange recorded a 6-percent drop in share prices – said the agency Kyodo

4:28 The chamber reactor No. 3 in which are fuel rods is intact – said after Monday’s explosion at a power plant Fukushima and Japanese government spokesman Yukio Edano. He added that it is unlikely to penetrate the atmosphere with radioactive substances.

3:59 Fukushima nuclear power plant workers were injured in Monday’s explosion – the Japanese agency Kyodo reported. According to the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company Co.. (TEPCO), three people were injured and seven were missing. Japanese NHK TV, however, reported that 11 people were injured.

3:45 Japan death toll changes – 2 thousand bodies were found Monday on the banks of Miyagi prefecture – in the morning said the agency Kyodo. Victims are not included in the official Japan death toll of those which was killed in the earth quake.

0:34 The level of radiation in a power plant in Fukushima I raised over the state on the Sunday night to Monday (Monday morning in Japan) – Kyodo agency said. According to company spokeswoman TEPCO, this level is now 751.2 micro sieverts per hour and is slightly larger than the dose obtained from the X-ray in a medical office. However, that exceeds the permitted level. Naoki Kumagai from the Japanese Agency for Industrial and Nuclear Safety, said that the level of radioactivity would be much greater if the core of the reactor threatened melt.

23:27 radioactivity levels in the Onagawa region in Miyagi Prefecture, returned to normal – announced the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Earlier, the IAEA reported that there first announced, the lowest degree of risk. “Currently, the Japanese authorities speculate that the increased levels of radioactivity could be related to the issue of radioactive substances from the Fukushima Daiichi plant. On-site measurements showed no emissions of such substances from the three reactors at the Onagawa” – said the IAEA. Japan fought to keep under the control of nuclear reactors in power plants and Fukushima I Fukushima II, damaged by Friday’s earthquake that accompanied the tsunami dragged the country most serious crisis in its postwar history. Authorities ordered the evacuation of all residents of the 20-kilometer zone around the plant Fukushima I and 10-kilometer zone around the nuclear power plant near by Fukushima II. In total, must leave about 140 thousand people.

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