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The action in law of attraction — Insight Health Coaching

The action in law of attraction

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginAbout 6-weeks ago, I received an email.  It was from a coach that I know sort of peripherally.  Her name is Lori Hamann and her coaching is based on law-of-attraction, which, as a yogini translates for me into aligning action with intention.

In this email, Lori was offering a 12-week spiritual weight loss e-course.  Since beginning my coaching practice and business a year ago, Ive gained 15 pounds, which hasnt felt good at all.  And its not the first time that Ive gained weight in response to a big, positive change so its a pattern that I want to address. When I read her email, I just felt like it was time to really get to the bottom of it, so I ordered the course. I ordered it with the intention of losing weight without going on a restrictive diet.  Her course felt like the right place to start.

The course consists of weekly lessons there are downloads to listen to: hypnotherapy and guided meditation tracks.  Shortly after I began working with her materials, I bumped into a book called The Slow Down Diet by Marc David and devoured it, deciding to blog about my experience with implementing the principles.  Wow!  Fabulous!  A way to address eating without a diet per se.

Speaking of diet, diabetes runs in my family.  Another member of my family was just diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  And I started giving serious thought to what would be most loving for my body (and my genetics).  What food choices do I know contribute to diabetes and also dont seem to work for my energy levels?  That would be white pasta, pastries, bread, and simple sugars.  Miraculously, I met this amazing nutritionist, Simla, who happened to be starting a program to help people be sane and flexible while still making the healthiest food choices for them.  Sign me up!!

Around the same time that I found the Slow Down Diet and Simla, I ran across this mommy blogger (Im so sorry I dont remember who it was!!) who had just done this 90-day strength program that had completely changed her body shape.  I love to strength train and have a strong body from yoga but using different muscle groups, coupled with my regular yoga/walking/running sounded like just the ticket.  I ordered it and in fact, got started with it today

All of this to say that I was thinking today that I might have been tempted to sit back and wait for the results of the law of attraction spiritual weight loss program.  I could have ignored all of the little nudges.  But one thing that Ive learned over the years is:

Without an intention that I believe in, followed up with positive action on my part, none of it will make any difference.  I can meditate and visualize all day long, but it wont be effective unless I take action.  So yes, Im visualizing daily.  Im slowing down and being mindful when I eat bringing pleasure and attention to my eating.  Im exercising at a level that feels really nourishing for my body.  And, Im letting go of foods that dont work for me or create health in my body.  Without being all nutty and rigid about it. (I mean, a girls gotta have gelato sometimes!!)

I absolutely believe that the law of attraction program attracted all of these different elements to me.

Intentions that are built on a strong foundation of positive action lead to the results we desire.  When we work at all levels to align body, mind, and heart, we are certain to meet with success.

Have you seen this at work in your own life?  Tell me about it in the comments!!

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The action in law of attraction

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