Staying Accountable and Achieving Results - Elemental Health and Wellness

Staying Accountable and Achieving Results - Elemental Health and Wellness

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As a health coach, I see many women who are busy and frustrated by their health and especially their weight. Many of these women come to me with complaints such as “I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it” and “I am a smart, successful woman – I shouldn’t need someone to crack the whip for me to take care of this issue” I am sure that many of you out there can relate to these concerns. I know that I used to feel that way, and I know many clients that feel that way, but I have noticed that my biggest successes have come on the heels of me being accountable to someone. I have noticed this with my clients too. So, what are the best ways that you can be accountable and enjoy all of the successes that you deserve?Get a workout buddy: It’s much easier to disappoint yourself versus disappointing someone else. In the picture that I have included in this article you will see me with two of my closest friends. We have all wanted to get fitter for a while now and in the past I might have started running only to give up soon after. This year however, we all committed to doing at least two 5K’s a month. Knowing that the others will be expecting me to be there is enough to help me go for a run, even when it’s the last thing that I feel like doing. Go to events: It is easy to feel like it’s you versus the world when you first start out on a health routine, almost as if no one else can understand how un-motivated you feel to workout. But, when you go to events, such as any number of the 5K’s that are happening all over Cape Cod each weekend, you will quickly notice that there are much more people than you would think out there trying to change their lives for the better – my bib at last week’s race was number 1142!Hire a coach: When you work with a coach, it’s their job to be there for you and hold a safe space for you to work out whatever is getting in your way. When was the last time that you were able to get unbiased advice from someone who took an hour just to listen to you?Don’t make your spouse the “nag”: It can be very tempting to ask your spouse to moan at you every time you do something that is not in line with your goals, but it can create a lot of frustration and resentment in a relationship and grows old quickly.Make a calendar: Make a workout calendar for the month. Schedule each workout and mark it off as you complete them. At the end of the week it will be easy to see why you did or didn’t have amazing results.I hope that these simple tips make being accountable to your goals easier than ever! ************************************************************************** If you would like to gain control of your health, while living a more balanced life and making lifestyle changes that are long-lasting and FUN, visit my website: You could also e-mail me at or call (508) 247-0820. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** If you would like to get involved in our community or feel like you need more support, please consider joining this Meetup group:******************************************************************************

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