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YOU HAVE TO TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Your cells are replicating themselves. Even cells do things to recharge. You need recreation for a multitude of other reasons and it is needed by not only your body, but also your mind. Some would say, "your spirit." Regardless of what you call the non-body part of you, it has to be given attention and nourishment, too.

Why do we play games? Why do we play sports? Why do we do what we do? Because we want to and we like to. Each of us is a synergism unto oneself. If we neglect the body and that results in problems, our minds, spirits, or souls are not too happy with the added stress and problems caused. If we neglect the mind, it can become weak and flabby, just like a body--or even worse. There is a connection between body and mind and we are beginning to see it as one, even though we talk about each, independent of the other. But, they are not! There is a cause-effect relationship and it runs in several directions at once. We''ll be exploring what all these are.

What fun things are we doing today?

"All work and no play…" or so it goes. What do you do to relax, to unwind, or to recharge? We are exploring things from around the world that people are doing for recreation. The word itself, recreation, is pretty much self-explanatory. We should assess our strength, endurance, age, and fitness before beginning; maybe even see your doctor. Sometimes, all you need to do is something relaxing.


​Things don''t happen on their own. You may have to go as far as to schedule your "down time" or your fun.