Are there certain foods that can help you burn calories quicker -

Are there certain foods that can help you burn calories quicker -

Are there certain foods that can help you burn calories quicker Author:Diet-FitnessDate:03-25 17:56:04 2008

There is a diet called a negative calorie diet. It is not that foods have negative calories it is that they take more calories to digest them than they they burn calories from other food you eat to digest them

turnip i think fibres can help flush you out quicker.

you just have to eat less calories and cut them out before bed time Kinda...

If you will eat 6 meals, with clean whole food, no starch, about 3 -4 ounce of chicken or fish, and lots of veggies, some whole brown rice, sweet potatoes...

That will help burn calories faster.

So will jogging about 45 min in the morning, 4x a day. I have heard spicy foods, like peppers, increase your metabolism, which results in burning calories quicker. But that;s just what i;ve "heard". Also, i know celery and certain vegetables burn more calories than they actually have in them. Therfore, creating a calorie deficit.

Try typing in "Foods that burn calories" in google. Yes, these are called negative calorie foods. There is a list of them on the website in the source. The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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