To Tattoo Or Not To?

To Tattoo Or Not To?

Tattoos and the practice of tattooing are steeped in ceremony and symbolism with tribal origins that date back centuries. Today, getting tattooed is commonplace and tattoos no longer carry the stigma of being the shadowy trade it once was perceived to be in the western world. There are special events, gatherings, and conventions all over the planet to celebrate and showcase the art of inked skin and those who use their bodies as a living canvas, and to praise the work of the extremely talented and skilled tattooists.

Tattoos are a form of personal expression and have meaning to the person bearing them and hopefully the marriage of skin and ink will live happily ever after. However, there is an emerging industry in tattoo laser removal and tattoo concealer products for those who wish to “erase” their ink after the fact. Laser removal of tattoos can leave scars and be a costly expense. Concealer creams and makeup must be reapplied and can also prove costly if used daily.

Other reasons people opt for tattoos are cosmetic to hide or cover scars by blending them into the art or to restore natural features altered due to accident, disease, or surgery.

Most people on the street or beach probably wouldn’t look twice at you, but a well done original tattoo draws the eyes and attention immediately. There are a couple things you can do to prepare yourself to receive a tattoo and ensure you can live in harmony together, after all you don’t ‘wear’ a tattoo-it wears you! But before you go under the needle and have your masterpiece tattooed forever onto you, try living with temporary tattoo roughly the same size and shape of the real tattoo on the area of your body you wish to have inked. If it still feels good after ten days, then you’re on your way. If not, then try another position or different art until you have a good feel for your future new permanent body modification.

Tattoos can be subtle and hidden or extravagant and displayed all over the body. In the last several years, tattoo sleeves, in particular, have become hugely popular. Often worn from the shoulder to the forearm hence the “sleeve” but these sleeves don’t come off, and the person with the tattoo sleeve must be sure that they could live forever with the permanence of the art now a part of their persona.

There are less expensive and exhaustive alternatives. Fake tattoo sleeves are the latest fashion accessory trend for those who want to wear their cool on their arms and biceps. Right next to tattoo t-shirts and temporary tattoos, these are catching on like wildfire, you’ve no doubt seen celebrities wearing them and perhaps you thought their tattoo sleeves were the real deal. Well, now you can change your arm art as often as you do your mind with fake tattoo sleeves and display a new attitude every time-the best part is… you can take it off whenever you want. And they’re painless to apply. These shirtless sleeves are stamped with colorful stylish drawings and slipped on over your arm to proudly display.

The outstanding art on the fake tattoo sleeves available for purchase comes from some of the best tattoo artists from LA Ink, Miami Ink, Prison Break Michael Scofield, Ed Hardy, and Harley Davidson. The art is so convincingly real on many of these that it often requires intense scrutiny to determine that they are indeed fake when worn. Many top name designers are now jumping on the bandwagon and designing their own branded fake tattoo sleeves. Featuring a plethora of themes for whatever tickles your fancy, fake tattoo sleeve designs range from dragons, snakes, tigers, skulls, pretty girls, biker and tribal tattoos plus a multitude of variations on the classic rose tattoo. Fake tattoo sleeves come in a variety of sizes from small to extra large and are made of breathable skin colored fabrics. Use your body as a gallery to show off some of the neatest tattoo ink with fake tattoo sleeves. Whether you decide to ‘tattoo or not to’; have fun in expressing yourself with art your body wears.