Making Scented Candles That Nurture, Ease Tension And Sell

Making Scented Candles That Nurture, Ease Tension And Sell

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Making Scented Candles That Nurture, Ease Tension And Sell

Buying scented candles can be very expensive, unless you purchase the ones whose scent disappears almost as soon as you take off the wrapping. Making scented candles has a big advantage. You can choose the scent you want and it won’t go away!

You will need paraffin wax, a metal pan, a candy thermometer, a mold, a wick, liquid scent and a type of coloring. The candy thermometer is very important to help you know when the wax has reached 300 degrees. Be very careful not to let it catch fire.

Candles can be just about any shape you can imagine. The simplest form to begin with is the pillar mold. This is a rectangular mold with a flat top and bottom. It is also one of the easiest kind of candles to use because of its broad, firm base.

The easiest place to melt the wax is on a small hot plate. You won’t have to worry about the liquid wax spilling onto your stove top. It is very easy to burn yourself when you try to wipe it up and once it dries, it will be impossible to remove it from whatever material you used.

You will need one pound of wax for a regular sized pillar candle. When you begin to melt the wax, be sure to keep a close eye on the candy thermometer so it won’t catch on fire.

Add the color and scent to the melted wax, and stir until it is a uniform color. Add a small amount at a time until you have the color and scent you like.

Pull the wick up through the hole in the bottom of the mold, and tie it around a small stick you can lay across the top. Pour the wax slowly into the mold.

As the wax cools, it may sink in the center of the mold. If it does, add more wax. Remove the candle from the mold once it is completely dry and hard. Cut the wick so that it is one half inch long. You will be proud of the final result.

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