List of Alkaline Food to Lose Weight and Heal the Body

List of Alkaline Food to Lose Weight and Heal the Body

Want to read yourself to a healthier lifestyle? Sounds good, no? Then one suggestion I would like to make to you, if I may, is to go and read a list of alkaline food. Why? It could open your eyes to how little alkaline you may be getting at the moment and why you should make amends and changes in your life in order to invite more in.

Alkaline is the body’s natural pH level and eating too much of the common acid high foods can drain the body of these natural levels. You don’t want that to happen, because then the body becomes this breeding ground for all kinds of nasty bacteria, which opens the door to infections and diseases to come in a make themselves at home. You don’t want that to happen either.

A good list of alkaline food will point you in the right direction towards getting the right balance between acidic and alkaline foods. It’s important that the alkaline foods outweigh the acid ones. Around 70 to 80% of your diet should be alkaline. Those kind of percentages will help maintain the natural level that you were born with.

If you are getting more alkaline then you obviously will be cutting back on the acid content within you. This means the body will work more efficiently and not be wasting energy in performing clean up tasks to get rid of those stubborn acids that want to hang around and just gatecrash all the well-being parties that should be going on inside you.

What does a list of alkaline food look like. Well, mostly vegetables and fruits, soya based products instead of real dairy ones. You just take the acid foods in moderation as they still offer vital nutrients themselves. But you will have the right balance that you body wants fed to it, the right balance of alkaline foods over acid ones.

Your body will be cleaner on the inside, stronger and possibly younger looking on the outside.