Importance of Child Health for a Healthy Adulthood

Importance of Child Health for a Healthy Adulthood

Child Health for a Healthy Adulthood

Importance of Child Health for a Healthy Adulthood

For some reason many people think that the body of a child is just a miniature version of the adult body, and they seem to brush aside, or forget, that in fact that the child’s body undergoes several stages of development prior to reaching maturity and full adulthood.

If parents pay attention to the importance of the health of the child throughout all of the stages of development, then such adult physical diseases as diabetes and heart conditions can be avoided not to mention many of the types of mental conditions like anxiety and depression which affect many adults today.

The number one factor in ensuring the well being for both the present and the future lies with making sure that any developing child gets good food and exercise suitable for the stage of development, and giving the child the correct nutrition plays a vital role in affording good health. Nutrition is not the same as giving the child food; just witness the many cases of child obesity in western society today caused by giving the child non nutritional ‘junk’ food and drinks.

Good nutrition includes making sure that the child has plenty of whole-wheat, oats, grains, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet. It should be remembered that developing children have a much higher metabolic rate than adults and require more calories in their diet, but it is essential to make certain that the calories contain good nutrition.

To set the foundation for a healthy future it should also be born in mind that the child is still developing, and such development includes the vital immune system essential for combating any pathogens which may invade the body at any time in life To aid such development, and to avoid the risk of infection, then a high nutrition, high calorie diet is important for any child.

For a healthy diet, include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as has been mentioned, which give a boost to the developing immune system, and avoid such foods as any kind of processed foods, and foods which contain white sugar and white flour. Similarly avoid foods with high saturated fat content and treat any foods containing artificial sweeteners and food coloring as being strictly taboo.