Brief Information of The Disease Yeast Infection – What You Should Know · A1-Weight-Loss-Diet

Brief Information of The Disease Yeast Infection – What You Should Know · A1-Weight-Loss-Diet

Brief Information of The Disease Yeast Infection – What You Should Know

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Brief Information of The Disease Yeast Infection – What You Should Know

Yeast is a fungus which is in scientific terms called as Candida and is commonly present in the normal human skin, especially in warm and moist places like mouth and vagina. Though the female population is mainly affected by candidiasis, they are not gender specific and targets particular areas of a human body.

The fungus responsible for most yeast infections is a type of yeast called Candida albicans. It is estimated that about 20 to 50% of healthy females have yeast cells in their vagina. The presence of yeast cells in the vagina is normal and does not cause any problems as long as they are in small numbers. But when their number increases, it results in yeast infections. Though candidiasis can cause a lot of discomfort, they can be easily treated.

The causal factor Candida albicans need warm, dark and moist environment for its survival and so are found in places like in the ears, armpits, mouth, vagina and even in our blood and gastrointestinal area. These fungus are single oval yeast cells that multiply by duplication or cloning. The number of yeast cells are kept in control by the common bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus.

These bacteria need specific body temperature and pH levels to grow. If due to any reason the temperature and pH levels of the body changes it will kill these bacteria, allowing the yeast cells to grow and multiply in number without any control, resulting in candidiasis.

Symptoms Candidiasis causes itching, burning or soreness in the affected areas. Sometimes it causes pain or burning sensations when you urinate or have sex. Some women have thick, white, odorless discharge. In case of men, their affected penises develop sores near the head or on the foreskin. Candidiasis also causes sores inside the mouth. It can also cause digestion problems and affect the bowel movements.

Other commonly known symptoms of candidiasis include tissue swelling, muscle aches, fatigue, anxiety, irritability and mood swings leading to depression. It also causes drowsiness and loss of balance and lack of concentration.

Sometimes when not treated in time the candidiasis can become severe, resulting in fatal diseases, especially for those who have diabetes or other diseases which has already weakened their immune systems. So it is very important to diagnose and treat yeast infections in a timely and proper manner.

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